Wardle Anderson


We are a 1st section brass band located in Wardle, near Rochdale, Lancashire. The Wardle Anderson brass band was formed in the 1990s, consisting of players from the Wardle Academy Youth Band who, at 19, became too old to play in youth band competitions. The Anderson name originated from a former Headteacher of Wardle Academy (previously Wardle High School), William Anderson, after he died in 1996. William enabled hundreds of children to learn a brass instrument and the band wouldn’t have existed without him. We like to perform in a variety of gigs throughout the year, from contests to local community concerts. We are a young and enthusiastic group of players. The band have had an amazing year this year, full of contests, concerts, march contests, fundraising events and even The Yorkshire Three Peaks to raise money to help get the band to Cheltenham. If you would like to find out more about Wardle Anderson, you can follow us on our socials!

Principal Players

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