2020 Regional Championships - Errata

LEGACY (Tom Davoren)

B29 - 2nd and Bass Trombone - MF dynamic

B37 - Euphonium - F dynamic

B49 - 2nd Baritone - slurred semiquavers as in 1st Bari

B46 - Bass Trombone - C not Cb

B68 - Flugal - MP dynamic

B90 - Horn S and 1 - beat 1 and 2, slur as in previous bar

B100 & 101 - Soprano Cornet - should be muted in these bars open at B104

B141 - 3rd cornet - slur to beat 2

B151 - Timpani - should roll

B205 - Basses - slur as Eb

B209 - 1st Baritone - accents as 2nd Baritone

B222 - 2nd cornet - F dynamic

B225 - Vibraphone - MP dynamic

B226 - 2nd Baritone - MF dynamic

B227 - 1st Trombone - grace note is a type error, delete

B250 - 1st Baritone - accents as 2nd Baritone

B271 - Soprano - grace note is a type error, delete

B298 - Timpani - should be Bb pitch

Timpani General Point - if your bandroom or contest does not offer a large enough or suitably tunable instrument to reach the lowest pitches, then please use the octave above.




Percussion 3 is marked “optional”. Therefore, bands will not be penalised at the Regional Championships 2020 if the Percussion 3 part is not performed

Bb Repiano Cornet

Bar 226 - Should crescendo over the last two beats of the bar, to Forte at bar 227 (AA) downbeat

Percussion 1

Bar 257 (bar before CC) - Timpani E natural should be an E flat

Bb Cornet 2

Bar 258 (CC), beat 1 - The slur should be from the D flat to the E flat (matching Bb Solo Cornets 1 & 3)

Bb Solo Cornet 3/4

Bar 285 - A natural should be an A flat

Bb Euphonium 2

Bar 307 - Tied quaver should be a D natural, not an E natural

Bb Solo Cornet 3/4, Bb Repiano Cornet, Bb Cornet 2

Bars 314/315 - Dotted minims should have accents

Percussion 1

Last 2 bars - Timpani notes should be B flats, not B naturals



a)       The first bar is numbered ZERO in score and parts – it was originally an anacrusis or “pick up” that got changed very late in the composition process and was never renumbered to 1. This means that the 10th bar is actually bar number 9 and so on. This WON’T be corrected in future printings, in case someone has an old score but new parts, or vice versa.

b)      At rehearsal letter [A] the 1st baritone dynamic should be “piu mf” rather than simply “mf”

c)       2nd bar of rehearsal letter [I] the 1st baritone, 1st horn, solo horn and flugel should have tenuto marks on the quavers after beats 2 and 4 to match 2nd baritone and 2nd horn.

d)      7th bar of rehearsal letter [O] the 2nd euphonium should have an accent to match 1st euphonium.

e)      5 bars before rehearsal letter [U] (the ¾ bar numbered 228 in the score) both baritones should be tied over from the previous bar to match all the other lower brass.



Bass Trombone

Bar 30 - Accents should match the Basses accents.

Bar 229 - should be marked ff


Bar 132 - For the avoidance of any doubt, the notation in this bar is correct. There should be a pause mark over this empty bar for Baritones, 2nd & Bass Trombones, Basses and Percussion 1.