Kapitol Promotions releases Finals 2021 COVID-19 Guidance

Kapitol Promotions has recently emailed COVID-19 guidance to all competing bands at the Sections 1-4 Finals 2021. This guidance will enable Kapitol Promotions to present the event, whilst reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19.

The UK Government’s two rounds of the Events Research Programme (ERP) has given live music events optimism that events, such as the Finals 2021, can be presented safely, with an optimistic degree of normality. Acknowledging the continuing presence of coronavirus, Kapitol Promotions has introduced measures aimed at mitigating the risk of Covid-19 transmission to visitors and volunteers. In particular, Tony Griffiths (Kapitol Promotions Health & Wellbeing Officer) has worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to ensure that the Sections 1-4 Finals 2021 will be as safe as possible to attend and perform at. As well as the usual Health & Safety policies & procedures that Kapitol Promotions has in place at all of its events, Tony Griffiths has added an extra layer of protection - especially relating to COVID-19 - which includes an event-specific COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

If you have any questions relating to health & safety at the Sections 1-4 Finals, your first point of contact is Tony Griffiths - please contact him for further information.

Tony Griffiths (Health & Wellbeing Officer) - tony@kapitolpromotions.co.uk / 07555 051636

Please be aware that this information may change, subject to current UK Government guidance. We recommend that you keep visiting this website for any updates.