Change of date for Kapitol/Cory Online Championships

The dates for the upcoming Kapitol Cory Online Championships have been altered to reflect the latest national lockdown restrictions in the UK. The new dates for broadcast will be as follows:

12-Mar, Fri, 6pm-10pm, 2nd Section
13-Mar, Sat, 1pm - 10pm, 4th Section
19-Mar, Fri, 6pm-10pm, University Section
20-Mar, Sat, 1pm - 10pm, 1st Section
26-Mar, Fri, 6pm-9pm, Youth Section
27-Mar, Sat, 1pm-6pm, 3rd Section
7pm-10pm, Champ Section Part 1
28-Mar, Sun, 5pm-10pm, Champ Section Part 2 + results

Commenting on the news, Cory Band’s Musical Director Philip Harper said: “We felt that one of the elements which made the first online contest so successful was having the live commentary and judges’ comments, something we are very keen to preserve for the next edition. The UK national lockdown is due for review on 15th February and, considering that our original broadcast date was 19th February, we felt this would be a little too close for comfort in the event that restrictions are not eased. Therefore, we have taken the precautionary step of moving the start date, and we keep our fingers crossed for better news by then.”

Emails have been sent to competing bands with details of revised video submission dates. Band reps, please check your spam/junk folders if you have not received the email.