Legacy (Davoren) - Errata


Legacy - Tom Davoren Errata

Please see a message from Tom Davoren to all Section 1 competing bands:

"The following errata has been sent to Kapitol Promotions for use by adjudicators at the 2020 Regional Championships. I'd like to say a big thank you to all who have asked questions and helped to form this list. Whilst any creator wants their work to be perfect from the get go, it's a significant challenge when the restraints of a set test piece contest mean you are unable to hear the piece in 'real life' before making available to the banding public.

If you've already written in and your point isn't addressed on this list, then the score / part is correct.

In meeting data protection regulations email addresses are not kept following purchases, but any band that makes a request to tomdavoren@gmail.com will receive a freshly corrected score and parts as well as the errata list. Regional 2020 Adjudicators are instructed to work from the ORIGINAL score using the errata list to minimise any confusion.

As ever, if there are any questions then please email tomdavoren@gmail.com and I'll respond as quickly as I can.

Thanks, TD"



B29 - 2nd and Bass Trombone - MF dynamic

B37 - Euphonium - F dynamic

B49 - 2nd Baritone - slurred semiquavers as in 1st Bari

B46 - Bass Trombone - C not Cb

B68 - Flugal - MP dynamic

B90 - Horn S and 1 - beat 1 and 2, slur as in previous bar

B100 & 101 - Soprano Cornet - should be muted in these bars open at B104

B141 - 3rd cornet - slur to beat 2

B151 - Timpani - should roll

B205 - Basses - slur as Eb

B209 - 1st Baritone - accents as 2nd Baritone

B222 - 2nd cornet - F dynamic

B225 - Vibraphone - MP dynamic

B226 - 2nd Baritone - MF dynamic

B227 - 1st Trombone - grace note is a type error, delete

B250 - 1st Baritone - accents as 2nd Baritone

B271 - Soprano - grace note is a type error, delete

B298 - Timpani - should be Bb pitch

Timpani General Point - if your bandroom or contest does not offer a large enough or suitably tunable instrument to reach the lowest pitches, then please use the octave above.