Sections 1-4 Finals 2019 - Trainee Adjudicators

The National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain realise the importance of the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators' work in promoting and supporting the art of brass band adjudication, including nurturing the next generation of adjudicating talent. Therefore, the "Nationals" has once again agreed for four Trainee Adjudicators to be present at this year's Sections 1-4 Finals in Cheltenham.

Each Trainee will be treated in the same manner as the main adjudicators, including being provided with their own "box" and official paperwork. This will give each Trainee the best sense of adjudicating at the highest level of banding in these particular Sections, and hopefully aid their professional development.

The Trainee Adjudicators and Mentors for each Section are detailed below, along with links to their AoBBA biographies:


Section 1 Final – Helen Douthwaite and Toby Bannan, with AoBBA mentor Nicholas Garman | | 


Section 3 Final – Matthew Brown, with AoBBA mentor Stan Lippeatt | 


Section 4 Final – James Holt, with AoBBA mentor Martin Heartfield 


The Association of Brass Band Adjudicators (ABBA) was inaugurated on 24th January 1999, and since that first meeting the Association has grown in strength to over 80 members. ABBA is proud that several of their member adjudicators are predominant in all major brass band competitions throughout the UK, and are also represented in Europe, Scandinavia and even further afield.

The Association of Brass Band Adjudicators currently has amongst its ranks some of the finest brass musicians in the UK, and its primary aim is to develop professional standards and further the status of the art of brass band adjudication.