National Finals 2017 Test Piece Intro - Section Three

Section Three - HINEMOA (Gareth Wood)

Published by R Smith & Co


Commissioned by the New Zealand Brass Band Association to commemorate 100 years of contesting in New Zealand. This work was used at the 1980 National Brass Band Championships held in Christchurch, New Zealand, during the Centennial Celebrations.

Hinemoa, the beautiful daughter of Amukaria, a great Moon chief, had seen Tutanekai, a chief and brave warrior from the island of Mokoia, only once, during a tribal gathering; yet she knew she loved him dearly. Amukaria counselled his daughter to forget this man, whose flute-playing Hinemoa heard as it came, soft but clear, across the lake which separated them.
At night she went to the shore and listened. The sound of the flute spoke to Hinemoa, giving her courage. When Tutanekai managed to get a message to Hinemoa, her mind was made up. On the next moonless night she entered the dark, cold waters of the lake, using empty gourds as floats. She was determined to swim the long distance to her Lover. Tutanekai flute-playing kept her going, until at last she reached the shores of Mokoia. Great was the joy when the lovers at last met, the rocks echoing Tutonekai’s cry HINEMOA’.



National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain - Regionals 1981 (Section 3)

North American Championships 1998 (Challenge Section), 2008 (Explorer Section)

Dutch National Championships 2000 (3rd Division)

World Music Contest 2005 (3rd Division)