National Finals 2017 Test Piece Intro - Section Two

Section Two - MUSIC OF A LEGACY (Steven Ponsford)

Published by SP&S


This piece pays tribute to the vast heritage of Salvation Army brass band music. Written in one movement, it is rhapsodic in nature and quotes references from just a few of the many iconic pieces from the past, progressing naturally through the different styles of music; firstly marches, followed by meditations, major works and then solos. 

The underpinning theme that binds the work together is the much-loved hymn, by Timothy Dudley-Smith, drawing particular attention to the last line of the first verse; ‘Lord for the years, we bring our thanks today’. This is music of thanksgiving to the rich inheritance that inspires writers today to continue the mission of the gospel through this very special and unique genre. 

Originally written for traditional Salvation Army instrumentation, the composer & publisher have kindly collaborated to re-score the piece (on request of Kapitol Promotions) to conform with traditional brass band instrumentation. Therefore, the cornet parts in this revised work are now Solo, Soprano, Repiano, 2nd, & 3rd. The Solo Trombone part has also been revised, to eliminate the original split part. When ordering this work, bands are recommended to state their participation at this year's Finals to ensure that they receive the correct version.



Never been used at a major contest before