Redruth Town


Redruth Town Band’s history dates back to 1820, known initially as the Redruth Volunteer Band which lead onto the name change in 1862.
Over the years the band has had great success with its most prolific period being during the 1980s. There has been a lot of information recorded about Redruth Town Band and they feature within a book titled ‘Still Blawin' by Monty Pearce and Denzil Richards.

Over the years the band has had some challenging times but are looking forward to the future. Redruth Town Band have recently appointed a new Musical Director, Andrew Craze. He brings a wealth of experience and professional musicianship to the Town Band and has many regional and national titles to his name. After serving over 22 years in the military with bands such as the Dragoon Guards and the Army Air Corps, he is delighted to be back in Redruth, the town he grew up in as well as being a member of the town band himself in the 80’s.

Since Andrew’s appointment the band has been extremely successful, most recently claiming first prize at the 95th Annual West of England Bandsmen’s Festival in Bugle. The band qualified at the 2019 West of England Regional Championships and the 2018 South West Brass Band Association Contest. This is a massive achievement and marks Redruth Town Band’s first regional win since 1986, gaining them a place at the finals of the National Brass Band Championships in Cheltenham.

Principal Players